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Hardcover: 312 bladzijden
Uitgever/druk: CRC Press, eerste druk (27 februari 2002)
ISBN: 0849310466
Prijs: ca. $ 90






Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a complex, debilitating disorder, yet few current scientific biomedical books have appeared on the subject. Many recent, biological discoveries have helped to better understand the physiology of this disease, and to improve the specificity of its diagnosis by laboratory tests. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Biological Approach summarizes the most recent advances made in this field and discusses insights that support CFS as a distinct and specific physical illness. Because of the multifactorial aspects of the syndrome, the book addresses various fields of the biomedical sciences, such as protein biochemistry, virology, and pharmacology.



Table of Contents

  • Introduction.
  • Interferon and the 2-5A Pathway.
  • RNase L: Overview of a Multifaceted Protein.
  • Abnormal Molecular Forms of RNase L as a Biological Marker for CFS.
  • RNase L and Apoptosis.
  • General Biochemistry of CFS.
  • CFS Etiology, the Immune System, and Infection.
  • RNase L Inhibitor.
  • CFS Therapy.
  • RNase L and Signal Transduction.
  • From Laboratory to Patient Care.



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