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Het hartverscheurende verhaal

van Sophia:


over de verwoestende invloed

van de tussen-de-oren-school

en een dappere vrouw met ME

die veel te jong onnodig stierf








Sophia 1973 - 2005

It was a privilege to have known her.


by Criona Wilson (Sophia ’s mother)




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During one of my visits to Sophia’s G.P. she told me that Sophia had made herself ill and that I was keeping her ill and as long as I was looking after her she would never recover. She said that she wanted me out of the flat and independent carers installed. In 2001 the G.P. approached an M.E. clinic, as she said that she needed to protect herself legally. Sophia asked me to research the clinic, which would have cost the local Health Authority, thousands of pounds. They told me, when I pressed them for long-term results, that patients usually revert to the point from whence they started.


I spoke to a couple of ex-patients who were afraid to have their names used;

they said that this clinic was run on the lines of mental health and used a graded exercise regime, although it claimed to be a neurological clinic.


They also said that when patients did not get better that they were given a different diagnosis before being sent home. Sophia elected not to go to this clinic.




In July the professionals returned - as promised by the psychiatrist.


The police ‘smashed the door down’ and Sophia was forcibly removed and taken to a locked room with-in a ’secure’ ward of the mental hospital.




The final tests have yet to be completed,

but up to the present time the results of Sophia‘s spinal cord show....


an unequivocal inflammatory changes

affecting the special nerve cell collections (dorsal root ganglia)

that are the gateways (or station) for all sensations going to brain through spinal cord.

The changes of dorsal root ganglionitis seen in 75% of Sophia‘s spinal cord were very similar to those seen during active infection by herpes viruses (such as shingles).


We have lost Sophia through their actions; we have nothing more to lose. We have no fear, therefore we are free - free to speak the facts as experienced by Sophia.






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